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Jurnal Terobosan Peduli Masyarakat (TIRAKAT) is an academic platform that focuses on Community Service with a multidisciplinary approach. The journal is dedicated to exploring and documenting research and scholarly contributions that integrate various disciplines, creating a space for holistic knowledge exchange. In each edition, TIRAKAT presents articles that explore various aspects of community service, embracing fields such as social sciences, economics, education, engineering, and more. The primary goal of this journal is to unearth and disseminate knowledge that can have a direct positive impact on society. Articles featured in TIRAKAT not only highlight innovations and problem-solving but also delve into the theoretical concepts underlying community service practices. The journal serves as a forum for academics, researchers, and practitioners to share experiences, best practices, and latest findings that can enhance the quality of community service. Thus, TIRAKAT not only provides information about community service projects but also offers a space for profound academic reflection, stimulating scholarly discussions, and encouraging the development of new methods to make meaningful contributions to community development. This journal plays a key role in bridging the gap between the academic world and the real needs of society.

 Journal title  Jurnal Terobosan Peduli Masyarakat (TIRAKAT)
 Subject  Multidisciplinary Science
 Language  English
 ISSN  3032-2804 (Online)
 Frequency  Quarterly (January, May, September and December)
 DOI  https://doi.org/10.61100/j.tirakat
 OAI  https://journal.literasisainsnusantara.com/index.php/tirakat/oai
 Editor In Chief  Abu Muna Almaududi Ausat, S.Sos.,M.AB
 Citation Analysis  Google Scholar

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