Focus and Scope

  1. Multidisciplinary Service: Jurnal Terobosan Peduli Masyarakat (TIRAKAT) emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to community service, encompassing social sciences, economics, education, engineering, and other disciplines to investigate complex issues.
  2. Innovation and Problem-solving: The journal focuses on publishing innovations and practical problem-solving that can have a direct positive impact on society. These articles should reflect tangible contributions to improving community well-being.
  3. Community Participation: TIRAKAT pays special attention to articles involving active community participation in the service process. Recognition and empowerment of the community are considered crucial for the success of service projects.
  4. Theoretical Development: The journal welcomes contributions that not only highlight practical aspects but also advance a deep theoretical understanding in the context of community service. Articulation of new concepts and critical thinking is appreciated.
  5. Sustainability and Sustainable Development: TIRAKAT encourages research exploring the concepts of sustainability and sustainable development in the context of community service, with a focus on efforts that support environmental, economic, and social aspects.
  6. Evaluation and Reflection: Articles in this journal also include evaluations of service projects and reflections on best practices. Emphasis is placed on lessons learned that can be applied in other service contexts.

TIRAKAT aims to be a comprehensive and in-depth source of knowledge for readers interested in understanding and participating in community service efforts with a holistic and diverse approach.