Peer Review Process

Peer review is an important process in scientific journal publication that aims to ensure that published papers conform to high academic standards. Here is the peer review process for Technopreneurship and Educational Development Review (TENDER):

  1. Acceptance of papers

Every paper submitted to this journal will be reviewed by the editor in chief and the editorial board. Papers will be accepted if they meet the criteria of eligibility and relevance of the topic to the focus of the journal.

  1. Assignment of reviewers

The editor in chief will assign two or three reviewers who are experts in fields relevant to the topic of the paper. The assignment of reviewers will be done confidentially and the identity of the reviewers will not be disclosed to the authors or by double blind peer review method.

  1. Review by reviewers

Reviewers will review the paper and provide recommendations to the editorial board within 2 weeks of receipt of the review assignment. The review includes the appropriateness of the topic, accuracy, adequacy, and clarity of writing.

  1. Notification of review results

The editorial board will notify the authors of the review results via email. If the paper is accepted, the editorial board will submit recommendations for improvements or revisions to be made by the author prior to publication. If the paper is rejected, the editor in chief will provide clear and detailed reasons for the rejection.

  1. Revision by the author

Authors must revise the paper in accordance with the recommendations provided by the editorial board and reviewers within 2 weeks after receipt of the revision recommendations.

  1. Review by reviewers

The revised paper will be reviewed by the same reviewers or new reviewers if required.

  1. Final decision

The editorial board will decide whether the paper is accepted or rejected after considering the results of the review and revisions made by the author.

  1. Publication

Accepted papers will be published in an issue that conforms to the publication schedule of Technopreneurship and Educational Development Review (TENDER).