Focus and Scope

Technopreneurship and Educational Development Review (TENDER) provides a platform for researchers, educators, and practitioners to share innovative ideas and scholarly contributions in the areas of technopreneurship and educational development. The journal's focus encompasses but is not limited to the following themes:

  1. Technopreneurship Education: Examination of innovative approaches, methodologies, and best practices in teaching and learning technopreneurship concepts and skills.
  2. Technology Innovation: Exploration of technological advancements, innovations, and their implications for entrepreneurship and educational development.
  3. Startup Ecosystems: Analysis of the dynamics, structures, and components of startup ecosystems and their impact on entrepreneurial activities and educational initiatives.
  4. Entrepreneurship Curriculum Development: Development and evaluation of entrepreneurship curricula, programs, and initiatives aimed at fostering entrepreneurial mindsets and skills among students and professionals.
  5. Educational Technology Integration: Investigation of the integration of technology in educational settings to enhance teaching, learning, and entrepreneurial outcomes.
  6. Entrepreneurial Leadership and Management: Study of leadership and management practices conducive to fostering entrepreneurial culture and activities within educational institutions and organizations.
  7. Policy and Institutional Support: Examination of policies, regulations, and institutional support mechanisms that facilitate the development of technopreneurship and entrepreneurship education.
  8. Case Studies and Best Practices: Presentation of case studies, best practices, and lessons learned from successful technopreneurship and entrepreneurship education initiatives.

TENDER welcomes original research articles, reviews, case studies, and theoretical perspectives that contribute to advancing knowledge and understanding in the field of technopreneurship and educational development. The journal encourages interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaborations to address the complex challenges and opportunities at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and education.