Focus and Scope


Journal of Contemporary Administration and Management (ADMAN) focuses on the publication of articles related to the development of the theory and practice of administration and management in a contemporary context. The journal addresses a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  1. Business strategy and organisational management
  2. Human resource management
  3. Financial management and accounting
  4. Marketing management
  5. Operations and supply chain management
  6. Information technology and e-business management
  7. Environmental management and sustainable business
  8. Public policy and public management
  9. Innovation and creativity in administration and management
  10. Ethics and social responsibility in business and management
  11. MSME management
  12. Education management 
  13. Leadership
  14. Entrepreneurship
  15. Business Psychology

Journal of Contemporary Administration and Management (ADMAN) accepts articles from academics, practitioners, and researchers in the field of administration and management. Accepted articles must contain original research results or theory development, and follow strict academic standards. The journal uses a peer-review system in the assessment of submitted articles and is accredited by a national accreditation agency. With a clear focus and scope, our journal aims to advance the science of administration and management and contribute to the development of theory and practice in this field.