Analysis of Social Media Usage in Enhancing Parental Participation in Child Education


  • Budi Sunarso Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Salatgiga
  • Ardhana Januar Mahardhani Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo
  • Tusriyanto Institut Agama Islam Negeri Metro
  • Suherlan Universitas Subang
  • Abu Muna Almaududi Ausat Universitas Subang



Social Media, Parental Participation, Child Education


Child education is a crucial aspect in shaping the character and quality of human resources in the future. Parents play a crucial role in supporting the process of their children's education, both within and outside the school environment. This research aims to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the use of social media by parents and the extent to which it can enhance their involvement in child education. The study employs a qualitative literature review method with a focus on the analysis of literature obtained from Google Scholar. A qualitative approach is utilized to understand the phenomenon deeply and contextually, providing a more comprehensive insight. The study results indicate that social media has brought positive changes in how parents engage in the development of their children. By providing easily accessible communication platforms and various educational information, social media opens the door for more active and informed parental involvement.




How to Cite

Sunarso, B., Mahardhani, A. J., Tusriyanto, Suherlan, & Ausat, A. M. A. (2024). Analysis of Social Media Usage in Enhancing Parental Participation in Child Education. Jurnal Terobosan Peduli Masyarakat (TIRAKAT), 1(1), 1–9.